FAQ's  (for english, see further down this page please)


- Hoe plaats ik een bestelling?

Als u een bestelling wil plaatsen, mail me met het nummer(s) van de tas(sen) die u wil kopen.  klik hier om mij te mailen!


- Hoe kan ik betalen?

Betaling gebeurt via bankoverschrijving of Paypal.


- Hoe en wanneer wordt mijn bestelling verstuurd?

Na ontvangst van de betaling wordt uw bestelling onmiddellijk verzonden. U wordt daarvan op de hoogte gebracht!

De tassen worden verstuurd per post. Voor België met de Belgische post met tracking nummer en voor Nederland met Post NL, met tracking nummer.


- Is verzending inbegrepen in de prijs?

Neen, verzending is niet inbegrepen in de prijs. Die moet extra betaald worden. Verzending België komt op 7 euro en verzending Nederland op 8 euro per pakket. 


- Wat kost de verzending van één of meerdere tassen?

Verzending van één of meerdere tassen binnen België komt op 7 euro en verzending naar Nederland op 8 euro per pakket. 


-  Kan ik de tassen ergens zien?

 De tassen zijn enkel on line te koop. Ik heb geen showroom voor mijn tassen zoals een gewone winkel. Alle tassen hebben duidelijke foto's en volledige beschrijvingen.

Heeft u nog vragen, aarzel dan niet om mij te contacteren. klik hier om mij te mailen!


- Retourbeleid voor Nederland en België:

Retour wordt aanvaard, NA voorafgaandelijk contact. Het item moet geretourneerd worden binnen de 7 dagen na ontvangst. De teruggezonden goederen moeten zich in dezelfde staat bevinden als waarin ze werden verstuurd en op dezelfde wijze verzonden worden, op uw kosten (met tracking info en eventueel verzekerd indien mijn verzending ook verzekerd was). Beschadigde of veranderde goederen worden niet terug betaald!
De verzendingskosten worden niet terug betaald. Enkel in geval van een fout in de beschrijving worden de verzendingskosten ook volledig terug betaald!


Hartelijk dank om te shoppen bij Heavenly Vintage !!

Ik beloof u een uitstekende koopervaring met verzorgde klantenservice! Heeft u nog vragen, ik ben hier om u te helpen!!

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- How can I place an order?

Please mail me with the number(s )of the bag(s) you want to buy .

click here to mail me!


- How can I pay for my order?

Worldwide payment can be made by Paypal. Even without a Paypal account, you can safely and securely pay with any major credit card.

Within Europe payment can be made by Paypal or by international bank transfer with IBAN number.

Within Belgium you can pay with bank transfer or cash for pick up.


- When and how will my order be sent ?

As soon as your payment has arrived, your order will be shipped ! You will be informed by mail!

Your order will be sent by the Belgian post or PostNL ( = post of Holland) .


- Are shipping costs included in the price?

Shipping costs are not included, they have to be paid extra! The costs depend off course on the destination.

Belgium 7 euro per order and the Netherlands 8 euro per order . Other countries on demand.


- Can I see the bags?

My bags are exclusively for sale on the internet.  I do not have my bags on display like a normal shop. All bags have clear pictures and descriptions.

Do you need more details? no problem! mail me. :0)


- Return policy: (!! for other countries than Belgium and the Netherlands ! ! )

Returns are accepted after you have contacted me and must be returned within 15 days of the arrival of  your item(s). The original shipping costs are not refunded.

The item must be returned at your expense in the same way and with the same shipping options it was sent to you. (with tracking info and sometimes with signed for, insured mail).

Returned goods must arrive in the same condition as they were shipped. Damaged or altered goods will not be refunded!

Original shipping costs will only be refunded in case of a mistake in the description. Then a total refund will be given.



Thank you for shopping at Heavenly Vintage !!

I promise you a secure and great buying experience with careful customer service! If you have questions about something, I am here to help you!!



GDPR - Privacy policy

Disclosure: We never sell, give or lend your personal data to others for marketing.
Below describes what information is collected in the course of normal business and how we use it. If you have any questions please contact us.
We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data.

Personal data which we collect about you mean any information about an individual or company who has purchased from us from which that person can be identified.

The personal data we use are specifically used for sending and tracking of your order(s).

Identity Data includes title, first name, last name, username if used.

Contact Data includes delivery address, e-mail address and telephone number.

By consenting to this privacy notice, you are giving us permission to process your personal data specifically for the purposes identified.
Again we will never give these data to a third party.



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If absolute perfection is what you are looking for...... vintage is NOT for you!!

A little explanation on the terms used to describe the condition of my bags:


MINT condition: As close to "new" as possible for its age. Looks unused. No problems at all! Hard to find vintage bags in this condition!

NEAR MINT  or EXCELLENT condition: Normal wear expected for its age. Any problems are not easily visible.

GOOD condition: Normal wear expected for its age. Shows very minimal wear.

Used condition: A bag that was used every day. Not abused.... but used, shows more noticeable wear.

FAIR condition: several small damages and signs of wear. Might be worn after repair or restauration. I do NOT sell bags in this condition!!

I prefer to underrate the condition of my bags. When someone else may say 'mint', I prefer to list my bag as near mint or excellent.
I like my customers to be pleasantly surprised with their purchase !
I prefer to risk losing a sale based on my condition rating, than having a customer being disappointed!



Contactinfo :

Gerrie Verschraegen,  Belgium

mobile 0032 (0)477 303 466


IBAN: BE 56 3200 5955 0188